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✓ Every phone is able to scan it

✓ No need to wait for a menu

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✓ Customers love easy-to-use menu

✓ View product images, prices etc.

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Creating a digital menu for your business has never been simpler.

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Simply sign up and start adding your products to the menu

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Once you are done we will generate a unique QR code for your restaurant once you are done we will generate a unique QR code for your restaurant.

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You can than print out your QR code for customers to scan or we can print high quality stickers and send them to you.

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Improve Experience

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Improve Experience

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Increase Profit

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Enhanced Hygiene

Our contactless digital menu ensures a hygienic dining experience for customers.

Cost Savings

Save costs with our convenient barcode menu that eliminates printing expenses.

Real-time Updates

Instantly update your menu with our best QR code for real-time information.

Branding and Customization

Customize the digital menu to reflect your brand with our scan menu app.

Increased Efficiency

Enable fast and efficient ordering with our scan me to order feature.

Improved Customer Engagement

Engage customers with our menu scanner for interactive dining experiences.

Easy Implementation

Implement our contractless digital menu effortlessly with the best QR code.


Access the menu quickly with our menu scanner for a faster dining experience.

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